I love you trollie pollie

New car! Haha jk. My rental car for the week. Too much fun rippin it on malvern to 130mph 🚙💨 #ifeelitbrahhh😉

LOL love you too Chris #imshowingmargie

Wooooo #hardsummer2014 a-trak would be wearing that on top of his Bloody Mary 😂

☀️bitches love blinds

Green flash brewery 😊 (at Green Flash Brewing Company)

Just “hangin” out with Karl Strauss @nmtruong @cparam @kimnomura @antwon (at Karl Strauss Brewing Company Sorrento Mesa)

In and around

Dude….peanut butter cookies with strawberry milk… (at HopScotch)

guardian of the site

made it up to big bear..now crack open a beer

#modelo  #beer  #camping  

Oh yeah

Such a beautiful day ☺️☀️ @cparam @redheadedfoo @nicoleleee @daguirre421 @meoww_camille

Huntington Beach with #Bjs coworkers (at Huntington State Beach)