Goodnight ✌️

@cparam doing what he does best. @mynameisgriz thanks for throwing down a great show 😉🎷💦 #hardsummer2014 (at Hard Summer)

I love you trollie pollie

New car! Haha jk. My rental car for the week. Too much fun rippin it on malvern to 130mph 🚙💨 #ifeelitbrahhh😉

LOL love you too Chris #imshowingmargie

Wooooo #hardsummer2014 a-trak would be wearing that on top of his Bloody Mary 😂

☀️bitches love blinds

Green flash brewery 😊 (at Green Flash Brewing Company)

Just “hangin” out with Karl Strauss @nmtruong @cparam @kimnomura @antwon (at Karl Strauss Brewing Company Sorrento Mesa)

In and around

Dude….peanut butter cookies with strawberry milk… (at HopScotch)

guardian of the site

made it up to big crack open a beer

#modelo  #beer  #camping  

Oh yeah